Executive Search Recruiting Tips – Assessments

That new leader didn’t work out.  How did that happen?

One of the many reasons could be that you used the wrong assessment.  Using the wrong assessment has the potential to do more harm than good.  You might be better off not using one at all if you are going to use the wrong one.

While working as in-house legal counsel I started getting heavily involved in operations.  This happened for two reasons.  1) Staying up late at night reading psychology books became a great personal interest of mine; 2) I noticed that there was huge bottom line value and strategic objective value to the company if I could help solve operational problems associated with people.  I refer to it as the human element.  Merely being human means that we all have strengths and weaknesses associated with our core behavioral traits.  I am a big believer that our strengths will only take us as far as our weakness will allow.  All strengths come with a weakness and being aware of both is a great place to start.

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