Research shows that a person can fake any relationship for up to 13 months. Quantifiably, almost every assessment used to predict new hire performance is fake able. So if a candidate applying for a job in your company can fake who they are and an assessment can’t accurately determine their necessary performance behaviors, how do you go about using an assessment to accurately predict the performance of that candidate should they be hired?

Assessment data reliability is the most impactful contributor to predicting a candidate’s future performance. You want to know if the assessment data you are looking at is accurate or not so you can make informed decisions. Normative assessments report with higher data reliability, and ipsative assessments report with lower data reliability. That is why so many ipsative assessment providers clearly state on their website that their assessment cannot be used for hiring. Ipsative assessments are very fake able and can get you into legal trouble when used for hiring. The candidate can easily put an inaccurate spin on their answers depending on what they want to communicate to get the job.

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