The Time Is Now!

When you go to bed tonight, are you going to think…

Did I make the move?


Did I let one more day slip away?

Click your future…


What is your reason to make the move?


90% of start-ups fail. It’s a difficult fact to digest, but much can be learned from the trials and tribulations of those who have already made the entrepreneurial move. The most successful business owners did not get lucky, they did not take the easy road, and they did accept the status quo. They did not waste time managing the fall of their existing careers…


What separates those who make the move and those who don’t is a REASON. Richard Branson started Virgin Atlantic because he hated his experience on British Airways and wanted to create an airline that valued the customer experience above all else. Steve Jobs co-founded Apple to make computers available, affordable, and attainable for the masses. He wanted to fundamentally change the way content was created and accessed. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook to change the nature of socialization and interactions in the college experience. Ultimately, he wanted to expand the way people connected across the world.

All successful people have a reason. The reason may be getting a promotion, earning a degree, providing for a family, starting a business or changing the world. No matter what the reason is, it must be powerful and inspiring to the person. The REASON is what drives people to make their MOVE.

Starting a business can be scary and frustrating. Your reason for starting a business must be bigger than your fear. It must be powerful enough to motivate you through obstacles. It must inspire you to endure on your toughest days. What is your reason? The clarity of your reason will allow Employers Edge to support you in your entrepreneurial journey.

Successful starts-ups have a good product, they understand their market, and they have network to support them through their journey. An Employers Edge Strategic Partner starts their journey fully equipped with all three of those things. If you have a powerful reason, let us help you MAKE YOUR MOVE.

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